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Overhead Power Network Services

Overhead & Underground Power System Design & Construction

Powerlinetas can deliver full design and construct turnkey solutions for High Voltage and Low Voltage Overhead and Underground systems.

Powerlinestas has assembled extensive specialised plant and equipment and in-house design expertise capable of undertaking turnkey projects. Our commitment to safety, customer satisfaction and a responsible approach to environmental management, enable Powerlinestas to maximise client deliverables.

Systems are designed, constructed and commissioned in accordance with the Tasmanian Electrical Supply Industry (TESI) design requirements.

The service can include engineering design certification to AS/NZS 7000:2010 Overhead line design - Detailed procedures and AS 2067-2008 Substations and high voltage installations exceeding 1 kV a.c.

Power Pole supply, installation & replacement.

  • Supply and install Timber Utility Poles (AS 3818.11) and Steel Poles.
  • Pole cross arms, insulators & infrastructure supply & installation.
  • Overhead Low Voltage & High Voltage bare conductor supply & installation & repair.
  • Overhead ABC bundle conductor supply, installation & repair.
  • Pole mounted transformer installation and replacement.

Severe weather event emergency repairs, rectification and replacements

  • 24/7 Emergency response
  • Pole & wire replacement
  • Electrical services repair
  • Power system storm damage rectification
  • Insurance works
  • Generator hire & installation

Condemned pole, wires and defect notice rectification services

  • Electrical connection/disconnection
  • New Pole supply & Installation
  • Overhead conductor, repair & replacement
  • Condemned pole removal
  • Defect notice rectification sign off
  • Redundant services removal

Street & Sport Field Lighting

  • Pole & fixtures supply
  • Electrical connection/disconnection
  • Condemned pole replacement
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Removal
  • Maintenance

Power Pole Inspection & Testing

  • Service provider mandatory inspection
  • Pole damage, fatigue or deterioration
  • Maintenance work
  • Earthing integrity & damage
  • Maintenance

Tiger tail & overhead line visual indicator install/remove

Private line & services visual indicator installation for:

  • Road side works
  • Construction projects
  • Site access crossing under powerlines
  • Domestic construction & renovation

Installation Testing

Powerlinestas skilled staff carry installation testing in accordance with Australian Standards and Tasmanian Electrical Network supplier requirements.


Other Overhead Services

  • Temporary & builders supplies pole, conductors and meter box installation
  • Overhead line relocation
  • Single phase to three phase upgrades
  • Service line installation, single and three phase
  • Mid span take off.
  • Point of attachment relocation
  • Point of attachment upgrade and repair
  • Power pole sales steel and timber
  • Aerials Cables domestic & network

Underground & Trenching Services

Underground Power cable supply, Installation & Connection

  • Site set out
  • Underground service detection and pot holing
  • Cable & services trench excavation
  • General excavation work
  • Foundations & footings
  • Underground cable and conduit supply and installation
  • Overhead service relocation to underground
  • Underground services mechanical protection installation
  • Single phase and three phase systems
  • Underground cable connection and

Electrical Services

Powerlinestas provide a wide range of commercial and domestic electrical services to compliment our specialised overhead & underground services.

  • Switchboard Upgrades
  • Metering
  • Temporary building supplies
  • Point of attachment & mains installation & repair
  • General Electrical installation and repair services
  • Fault finding & repairs
  • Single phase to three phase upgrades
  • Disconnect & Reconnect power supply at point of attachment
  • Earthing installation & testing
  • Commercial and farm electrical services

Electrical Network Services Mandatory Upgrades

Power network service providers systems and Australian standards undergo regular continuous improvement reviews to address changing industry needs and improve identified deficiencies in systems and hardware. It is a mandatory requirement that licensed electrical contractors address any sub-standard system and replace  equipment or hardware that has been deemed as potentially unsafe or no longer rated for duty as part of carrying out your works. Powerlinestas carry out inspection of your system in accordance with standards and network requirements and as far as reasonably practicable identify sub-standard and non-compliant items requiring upgrade and identify these as part of or project scope of work and costing. We will notify you, the client, if we find issues after starting that require rectification work or upgrade to meet current standards.

How does this affect you the client?

It is in your best interest for safety and compliance (Including insurance cover) that your service provider meets all mandatory standards. We recommend you discuss any system upgrades and ensure you are happy the service provider you select is providing you with a compliant system and is factoring this into their competitive pricing provided to you. Upgrade and supply of compliant hardware costs may need to be passed to the client.


Vegetation Management Services

Trees and vegetation can cause major damage to electrical and telecommunication infrastructure. Powerlinestas provide a wide range of vegetation management and tree trimming services to provide a balance between removing the risk while minimising the impact on the environment.

  • Tree and vegetation trimming around overhead lines & services
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Crown Reduction
  • Debris Management
  • Mulching
  • Weed Control
  • Mechanical Clearing

To read more information on your obligations regarding managing trees near powerlines, see the TasNetworks page here:  Maintaining trees near powerlines.

Contract worker trimming tree branches away from power lines

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