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About Powerlinestas

Save time & money with one qualified service provider from pole to powerpoint.

Company Profile

Powerlinestas is an electrical contracting company with over 20 year’s experience specialising in overhead and underground power, vegetation management and other network services both commercial & domestic.

We have extensive experience in High voltage and Low voltage systems and are well equipped for carrying out this specialised area of electrical work as well as providing the full range of domestic electrical services.

This means that you can save time and money, by having one qualified service provider to complete the work from power pole to power point.

Our Competitive Advantage

Powerlinestas is a specialised electrical contracting company with plant, equipment and skilled workers to provide specialised services in the overhead and underground electrical and telecommunication service area. We provide real-time flexible response to our client’s unique and changing workplace and domestic needs.

 Project Planning & Management

Powerlinestas manage your project from award to completion. We can plan and coordinate your entire project or work with the client or principle contractor to complete project activities.

Authorisations, Permission & Permits

Powerlinestas take managing our project seriously. As part of planning projects, we carry out risk reviews and take into account all aspects of the job. We organise or work with other duty holders to implement all authority authorisations, permissions & permits including:

  • Government & Local Government access permit requirements.
  • Overhead & Underground service detection.
  • Traffic Management permits & approvals.
  • Site access requirements.
  • Tasmanian Electrical Supply Industry (TESI) Power System Safety switching authorisations & Access Authorities.

traffic management plan
Traffic Management Plan

Tasmanian Electrical Supply Industry Switching Authorisation

Powerlinestas has an authorised switching officer to carry out switching under the Tasmanian Electrical Supply Industry (TESI) Power System Safety Rules (PSSR) after approved authorised access authority issue. Powerlinestas qualified technical staff have current PSSR authorisations as Person in Charge (PIC) and Instructed Person (IP).

Work Health & Safety

Powerlinestas is committed to safety, health, environment and quality across all our operations and our team member’s health and wellbeing is paramount and the key focus of our safe systems of work.

Tasmania has stringent safety acts and regulations applicable to all businesses.

Powerlinestas is committed to a safe workplace. This is primarily achieved through our safe systems of work HAZARD identification and control and training of our workers in hazard identification, rescue and response procedures.

This primary focus is achieved through our “I Take Care Safe Systems” safety framework including:

  • Safety planning
  • Safety Management Plan
  • Risk management processes
  • Safe work practices
  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
  • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
  • Employee training and skill update.
  • Personal Safety Planning- Take 5

Our safety system is subject to third party audit under the TasNetworks Service Provider Accreditation scheme.


Powerlinestas uses quality procedures and practices and this is managed within the framework of our quality plan. Quality services are assessed through the use of Inspection and Test plan (ITP’s) checklist and sign off sheets.

Our Quality system is subject to third party audit under the TasNetworks Service Provider Accreditation scheme.


Powerlinestas is aware of the damage that can be caused by poor work practices or accidental release of substances to the environment. The environment is considered in all our project tasks as part of our risk management processes.

We have environmental policy and procedures that are subject to third party audit under the TasNetworks Service Provider Accreditation scheme.

Recent Achievements

Third party accreditation of safety, quality & technical systems under Aurora Energy Service Provider Accreditation Scheme.

Category & Overall Winner 2014 WorkSafe Tasmania Safety Awards.


Safety & Quality Validation

Technical- Overhead & Vegetation & Accredited Meter Installer (AMI)


Qualifications, Training & Skills

Powerlinestas operate in a high risk specialised electrical environment. Our employees are trained, competent and authorised in their specialist fields.

This is a summary of these specialist Qualifications, Skills & Training our employees have.**



  • Electrical Practitioner- Linesman Certificate 3
  • Electrical Practitioner- Electrician
  • TasNetworks Energy SPA Accreditation Overhead
  • TasNetworks Worker Endorsement
  • TasNetworks SPA Accreditation Vegetation


  • HLTCPR201B Perform CPR
  • HLTFA211A Provide basic emergency life support (Level 1)
  • HLTFA211A Provide basic emergency life support (Level 1)
  • HLTFA301 Apply First Aid (Level 2)


  • Construction Industry Induction (White Card)


  • UETTDRRF02B Perform Pole Top Rescue
  • UETSS00026 Refresher - Perform Pole Top Rescue.
  • UETTDRRF03B Perform EWP rescue
  • UETTDRRF08B Perform EWP controlled descent escape
  • UETTDRRF06B Perform rescue from a live LV panel


  • Tasnetworks Electrical Testing Competency
  • UETTDRRF11ATesting of connections to low voltage electricity networks
  • UETSS00035 Refresher - Testing of connections to low voltage electricity networks
  • TasNetworks Testing Work practice TE-WP-001 Low voltage Testing
    • Continuity testing
    • Insulation resistance testing
    • Service Polarity testing
    • Phase sequence testing.
    • Network Analyser testing
    • Earthing testing
    • Testing of pole mounted transformers


  • ESI Passport
  • Instructed Person Course (IP)
  • Issuing Officer
  • Person In Charge (PIC)
  • Operator
  • HV Switching authorisation


  • C - Car
  • LR - Light rigid
  • MR - Medium rigid
  • HR - Heavy rigid
  • HC - Heavy combination
  • LF - Fork lift


  • CV - Vehicle loading crane
  • C2 - Slewing mobile crane (20 tonnes or less)


  • RIIOHS205A Control Traffic with a Stop/Slow Bat
  • RIIOHS302A Implement Traffic Management Plan
  • RIICWD503A Prepare Work Zone Traffic Management Plan


  • WP - Boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11m or more) Elevated Work Platform


  • DG - Dogging


  • SB - Basic scaffolding


  • Elevated work platforms certified for overhead electrical work


  • Safe work methods statements
  • Job hazard analysis
  • Work practices

Insurances Certificates of Currency

Please contact us if you wish to view our Insurance Certificates of Currency

  • Public Liability
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Vehicle Insurance

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